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Multimedia Teaching 

FM Language Studies & Teaching is devoted to creating multimedia content on a variety of academic subjects such as

English Language, Grammar,

Linguistics & Discourse Analysis.


Fernando Mortoro & Agostina Spinella Trapani are graduate teachers from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

They have solid teaching experience at secondary, tertiary and university levels, in various subjects: English language, linguistics, grammar and discourse analysis.

They are the founders of FM Language : a project devoted to developing multimodal teaching in English and Spanish, for people interested not only in learning English but also in learning about how language works.

   Our services


Online and Onsite Lessons  

We also teach private lessons: online and onsite. Such lessons are on General English, Exam preparation (we are *certified Cambridge Speaking Examiners), and we also give coaching lessons for teacher training college students who may need support and tutoring. 

Free Online Lectures on Youtube

Our subjects include Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Traditional Grammar, Universal Grammar, Teaching Vocabulary through TV shows, Essay Writing, Phrasal Verbs and Idiomatic Expressions and the Spanish playlist on "Lingüistas" (Linguists). 

Students & Colleagues Recommend


Students & Colleagues Recommend

Agnese S.

“ I'm a student at university and their lessons on discourse analysis and linguistis have been very useful for me. Now I can understand certain theories of language that I couldn't fully understand before. I recommend them!”

Pablo C.

“Very professional. Insightful ideas that helped me through my process.”

Melissa B.

“I'm studying English and watching the videos in the YouTube channel and they have helped me a lot. I recommend them because their explanations are always clear. Don't stop uploading videos, please! Thank you!”


Here are some of our productions

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